Our Sales Director, Simon Yorke, is the grandson of Fearless Frank Day, one of the original POW from Stalug Luft III who attempted to escape (later known as The Great Escape) during the Second World War. He was discovered near the end of the tunnel, captured and put into solitary confinement. Fortunately, he survived the war!

Around 1970, Frank Day bought a Cheese Wholesalers from a Mr Harvey & Mr Brockless in Hailsham, Sussex. It was in the cellar stores of this shop that his son, Michael Day discovered several Cheddar Trads. With an entrepreneurial spring in his step, he ventured up to London, to see if they could be sold, and Harrods (famous for their cheese counter) became a loyal customer from that moment until the present day. They were closely followed by The Savoy, The Ritz and The Dorchester hotels to name a few of our loyal customer base who have remained with us through all of our changes. After many years of being based in Sussex, Michael Day moved the business up to London’s Wandsworth Road (The Huge Cheese Company London), and in 1988 Simon Yorke joined his stepfather in the family business under H&B Limited and eventually took over the business from Michael Day in 1992.