We are a producer and distributor of speciality foods, working with artisan food producers across the globe. Everyday, we supply to a nationwide network of customers from the smallest farm shops, to restaurants and food manufacturers.

Cheese was our first great passion, but we get just as hot under the collar at the prospect of a slice of local air-dried ham or the fragrant aroma of truffle honey.

This appetite for good food is reflected in our speciality range, which covers everything from butter and flour to charcuterie and pesto. We've taste tested our way through thousands of products to come up with a diverse range of sensational foods that will set pulses racing in restaurant kitchens and hotel bars.

We have developed fantastic relationships with our producers: traditional cheesemakers, olive growers, artisan curers and food innovators. As well as the largest collection of British farmhouse cheeses in the UK, our remarkable range includes our own Mediterranean deli products from Dell'ami, a huge range of British cured meats, as well as our own bespoke sauces and dips.

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