Dorset Guanciale - 100g

Dorset Guanciale - 100g
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Guanciale is the cheek of the pig which has been cured, fermented and air-dried in a similar way to pancetta. Guanciale has more fat than pancetta, but as a result has a huge depth of flavour. The fat is transformed by the curing and fermenting process and becomes silky and unctuous. Traditionally, Italian’s use Guanciale when making Carbonara - a cooking ingredient that can be used as an alternative to pancetta in any recipe.
INGREDIENTS - Pork, Curing Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Purée, Muscovado Sugar, Dried Thyme, Juniper Berries, Sodium Ascorbate, Dextrose Monohydrate, Mace Blades, B-LC-78 Culture.

Made in Rampisham, Dorset

Provenance - Capreolus currently source Sandy Oxford & Black pigs from two farms that are very local to them. Also known as the Plum Pudding or Oxford Forest pig, they are one of the oldest British pig breeds. They are hardy, docile, good mothers and their breeding durability produces superb quality pork and bacon. They mature quickly and are not overly fat.

Energy kJ 3211, Energy Kcal 768, Fat 81.0g, of which saturates 29.10g, Carbohydrate 2.2g, of which sugars 1.6g, Protein 7.7g, Salt 3.4g

United Kingdom

Keep refrigerated below 7 degrees. Once opened, use within 3 days.

No Known Allergens

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