Custard Dream

Valrhona Opalys White Chocolate and Vanilla custard with toasted nut brittle and strawberries

Basic Custard Mix

600g   Whole Milk
400g Lescure Whipping Cream 35%
250g Valrhona Opalys 33% Chocolate
6g X58 Pectin or 10g Gelatin
20g Caster Sugar
3 Vanilla Pods

1 - Heat the milk with the cream and split the vanilla pods.
2 - At 50C, stir in the sugar mixed with the pectin.
3 - Emulsify with the melted white chocolate and bring to the boil (if using gelatin, do not bring to the boil as it is not needed).
4 - Strain through. Allow to cool down, and when at 50C, pour. 
5 - Pour the dairy mixture in a container and leave to set in the refrigerator. 

This cold jelly can be reheated as many times as needed as long as it is reheated to 60C minimum to insure the gelling action (thermo-reversible pectin).

Toasted Pistachio and Almond Nut Brittle

25g Flaked Almonds
50g Pistachios, roughly chopped
125g Caster Sugar

1 - Mix the nuts together and toast lightly.
2 - Dissolve 125g sugar and 100ml water in a pan, once melted bring to the boil until golden. 
3 - Quickly pour into a lined baking sheet. Scatter the nuts on top and press them in with a wooden spoon. Leave to cool.
4 - Break up the shards and serve with the custard. 

White Chocolate Shards

Temper the chocolate, pour thinly onto a sheet and sprinkle with crumbled pistachio nuts. 

Poached Strawberries in a strawberry reduction

Lightly poach the strawberries in the Ponthier Strawberry Pureé to create a vibrant, fresh fruit compote.

Plating Up

Our serving suggestion smears the reduction on the plate, with scooped large 'chips' of custard using a spoon and dressed the rest of the plate with the poached fruit.

Dot some of the Strawberry reduction around the plate and finish with a sprinkling of crumbled FreshAs Strawberry slices. 

This recipe has been modified from an original recipe by Jérémie RUNEL, Master Pastry Chef at l'École du Grand Chocolat Valrhona.