Premium Patisserie at Harvey & Brockless


Our patisserie products are undeniably premium. Harvey and Brockless is continually striving to bring new and exciting products to its customers and we are proud to be partnering with artisan brands FreshAs, Ponthier, Lescure, Minoteries Viron and Valrhona. 

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There's butter and then there is Lescure Charentes-Poitou AOP butter. Coveted by pastry chefs for its velvety texture and sweet flavour, Lescure has been made in France since 1884 and is protected under EU law.  The secret to its super-star status is milk from herds of cows that graze the rich pastures of Poitou-Charentes. Harvey & Brockless are sole distributors for Lescure to the UK.

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There are no forbidden fruits at Ponthier. Many of their chilled fruit purees are 100% fruit.  The company deals directly with growers, selecting single-origin fruits from around the world, including Alphonso mangoes from India, Pineapple from Costa Rica and lemons from Sicily. Harvey & Brockless are main distributors for Ponthier in the UK. 

Ponthier are celebrating their 70th birthday and to mark the occasion, we asked Michael Stringer, resident mixologist at Blackleaf Events to create three new recipes for the party season, using three of the newly launched chilled purees, Yuzu, Bergamot and Calamansi.

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We like a bit of fresh thinking at Harvey & Brockless, which is why we like Fresh As premium freeze dried fruits. Based in New Zealand, the company does ingenious things with fruits and vegetables using an innovative freeze drying process that locks in all of the original flavour, colour, antioxidants and essential oils. the resulting ingredients pack a real flavour punch and add interesting textures and vibrant colours to  dishes and drinks. Try their trend setting Yuzu scattered over ice cream, or combine flakes of Balsamic Vinegar with fresh strawberries for intriguing textural contrasts. 

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One of the most famous flour mills in the 'bread basket' region of France is Minoteries Viron, which has won hearts and stomachs by supplying artisan bread makers for over seven generations. Harvey & Brockless remain sole distributor in the UK for this highly sought after traditionally ground flour with no additives, chemical products or improvers added...Viron flour is unequivocally the main ingredient for so many prize winning breads. 

Viron & Harvey & Brockless are proud sponsors of the World Bread Awards! Congratulations to Lila Sarhang Zadeh of Halva Bakery winner of Minoteries Viron Baguette category 2016. 

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Valrhona needs no introduction. It has been the chocolate of choice for pastry chefs around the world for more than 90 years. 

Harvey & Brockless are one of the oldest distributors for Valrhona in the UK and the chocolates range from the warm milk and vanilla notes of Ivoire white chocolate to the bittersweet elegance of Guanaja 70% dark. We also supply innovative Valrhona products, such as liquid hot chocolate, individual 'eclat' chocolate sticks and exquisite bonbons, plus the amazing trailblazing 'blond' chocolate Dulcey. 

It's a sign of Valrhona's continued influence and relevance that this year marks the 30th anniversary of its Guanaja dark chocolate - one of the world's first ever 70% chocolates. Made with criollo and trinitario beans, it balances fruit, coffee, molasses and floral notes, and is integral to our new bonbon collection from Valrhona. 

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