Plum's the Word

There are no forbidden fruits at Ponthier. The company deals directly with growers, selecting single-origin fruits from around the world, including Alphonso mangoes from India and Pineapple from Costa Rica. Many of their chilled fruit purées are 100% fruit.  Harvey & Brockless are main distributors for Ponthier in the UK. 

We excited to launch the Mirabelle plum purée which has a beautiful fragrant flavour, that adds sweet subtlety to cocktails, ice creams and desserts, such as this dish of Lorraine Mirabelle plum French toast with verbena cream.

French Toast

Cut thick slices of fresh brioche. Freeze. Sprinkle sugar in a non-stick frying pan. Once the sugar is melted and slightly caramelised, add a knob of butter and put the slices of bread in the pan. Colour the bread on both sides.

Verbena Disk

300g Milk
250g Valrhona Ivoire Chocolate
50g Verbena
9g Sheet of Beef Gelatine
200g Single Cream
200g Mascapone

Bring the milk to the boil, add the verbena and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Put the white chocolate and softened gelatine in a bowl. Pass the hot infused milk through a chinois over the chocolate. Blend. Leave to cool then add the cream and the mascarpone. Blend again. Place in a flat flexipan mould.

Mirabelle Jelly

145g Ponthier Mirabelle Purée
10g Ponthier Passionfruit Purée
25g Invert Sugar
20g Caster Sugar
2g Pectin NH

Heat through the purée with the invert sugar, add the caster sugar and pectin, bring to the boil. Place in half-circle flexipan moulds.

Mirabelle Coulis

400g Ponthier Mirabelle Purée
40g Butter
12g Mirabelle eau-de-vie
1 Vanilla pod

Warm the scraped vanilla and the purée to 45°C, add the butter and the alcohol and then blend.


Place the warm Mirabelle coulis on a plate. Top with a crispy slice of French toast and a few fresh verbena leaves. Finish with a disk of chilled verbena cream and Mirabelle jelly.


Image ©Mathilde de l’Ecotais

Image ©Mathilde de l’Ecotais