The Butter of Chefs

Lescure butter ( P.D.O.) is favoured for it’s delicate flavour and refined texture and delivering consistent results for chefs every time . It has a natural sweetness achieved only by using milk from herd’s grazing on pastures in the Charentes Poitou region of France, using authentic, traditional techniques dating back to 1884.

The Pastry Chefs Favourite: Pastry Butter Sheets 1kg

 Lescure pastry butter is the Pastry Chefs butter of choice. Produced in the winter months, it has a drier consistency, and its 84% fat content guarantees a consistency and lamination unmatched in other French or English butters. Because of its drier texture, it is perfect for folding and retains its form when being worked for flaky, airy pastry making (croissants) resulting in beautifully light, award-winning pastries, every time. Available in boxes of 10 x 1kg,

The Unmistakable Tabletop Butter: 250g Unsalted or Salted Roll

With it's distinctive rolled shape, and pretty pale appearance, the Lescure butter roll is the only butter for your tabletop. A favourite with diners and restauranteurs alike, it has all of the characteristics of the cook's 250g brick; produced in an elegant roll. Gold foil is unsalted, silver foil salted. 

The Best Kept Secret: UHT Cream

First produced at the dairy farm of the Chateau de Claix, Lescure have created a cream of exceptional quality, made from the milk of cows grazing on the lush green pastures of the Charentes-Poitou region. With a shelf life of 9 months and sold in 1 litre cartons, it is perfect for whipping, (giving a whipping rate of 2.5),  and ideal for use in hot savoury sauces, gratin dishes and soups. Available in packs of 6 x 1L or 12 x 1L.