Good food should not be a luxury reserved for special occasions. 

At Harvey & Brockless, we believe eating well is an essential pleasure of every day life. That's why we go the extra mile to find stunningly good cheeses and speciality foods. So whether you are using cheese as an ingredient or selecting artisan cheeses for a cheese board, we have an extensive range to suit every purpose. From events and Stadia to Michelin restaurants and the travel sector, we are able to cater for all. 

Our production facility in Battersea depot is where we create bespoke products to suit your  needs. We can slice, dice, grate and wedge cheeses to your requirements as well as create bespoke cheeseboards.


Our dairy in Worcestershire is producing an award-winning range of goats milk cheeses, including our ever popular goat curd, made using unpasteurised goats milk from the Wallis family herd, as well as Ashlynn, Blanche and Clara

Ashlynn won best new cheese and best soft at the British Cheese Awards (BCA’s). Blanche was awarded three gold stars at Great Taste and Silver at the BCA’s and Clara – won Gold for best new and best soft at the BCA’s all this year!


We have built relationships with many artisan cheese producers across the UK and Europe. This means we have an amazing range of speciality cheeses and the largest selection of British Farmhouse cheeses in the UK.


Cheese Cellar Essentials is our cheese ‘larder’ for our everyday range of cheeses that are often used as ingredients to compliment a dish. From Mozzarella to Feta, Gruyere to Brie and our very own graded Cheddars we have an extensive range of cheeses to fulfill every food service requirement. 

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