About Us


We are a producer and distributor of speciality foods, working with artisan food producers across the globe. Everyday, we supply to a nationwide network of customers from the smallest farm shops to restaurants and food manufacturers. 

Though we are known for our expertise in the dairy sector, we have equal expertise in a diverse range of fine foods.  We have developed fantastic relationships with our producers: traditional cheesemakers, olive growers, artisan curers and food innovators. 

Our remarkable range include our own Mediterranean deli products from Dell'ami, as well as bespoke sauces and dips.


We know our food

We hold regular tastings and open days for both customers and producers; they can meet and share information - and our team can extend their knowledge;  always adding to our knowledge and understanding of the products and the people behind them. When buying from us, we can assure our customers of authenticity and ethical sourcing; from the olive grove to the bowl of marinated olives on your bar, from dairy herd to your restaurant cheese board. Our A grade BRC accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the quality of everything that we do at Harvey & Brockless.

We have spent years improving and extending the reach of our delivery network. Today, with multiple sites in the UK - and a fleet of over 70 vehicles, we are able to offer nationwide, chilled daily delivery everywhere; from the Highlands of Scotland to the beaches of Cornwall. 

We have retained one central philosophy throughout our 45 year history: an absolute dedication to honest, authentic remarkable food.